Care of Your Handmade Stocking

Storage: All stockings should be stored in airtight plastic bags or bins out of direct sunlight. Because all or a portion of the stocking is made from wool felt you want to keep them sealed and protected from moths. Laying them flat will also eliminate the need for ironing. (If you must iron use a medium heat).

Cleaning: How to clean your handmade stocking depends on what type of felt was used to make your stocking. Some stockings are a combination of recycled felt and wool blend felt. Those stockings can be spot cleaned and portions (typically the “sock” part) can be ironed with a warm iron. All wool blend stockings can be spot cleaned or dry cleaned and can be ironed with a warm iron. Not sure what materials your stocking is made from? Contact me and I can let you know!


How to Groom your Jellyfish Stocking

This video is for customers who have purchased Jellyfish Stockings from Modern Craft Design Studio, After storage or shipping you may feel that your jellyfish tentacles are looking a little disheveled. Watch this video to see how you can get your tentacles back in shape. https://youtu.be/J3NbThH_rMw