Sea Inspired Ornaments, homage to the Red Sox and Three Little Pigs

The 2018 holiday season was a little different for me. Though I had made ornaments before here and there I decided for the first time to do a couple of holiday markets in 2018 and I felt I needed to diversify my offerings. So for me, 2018 became the year of the wool felt ornament. For one, not everyone needs a new Christmas Stocking, they tend to be one of those things people hold onto for a long time…sometimes their whole life. And for two, everybody needs little gifts around the holidays, right? Teacher gifts, gifts for the hostess, the babysitter, the bus driver, stocking stuffers, ornament exchanges, grab gifts etc. Enter the ornament. I had so much fun creating ornaments this past year. When I finally sat down and put some thought into it I came up with some designs I really liked.

My sea inspired ornaments came in the form of whales, narwhals, and pufferfish. Next year perhaps a sea animal set. The Red Sox won the World Series (again!) in 2018 so I had to make a Red Sox set. Based on sales of the Red Sox set I made back in 2013 when they also won the World Series (Go Sox!), I expected it to be popular and it was. That set included the “Red Socks”, the “Citgo Sign”, and the Red Sox “B” (pictured below). 2018 also saw the creation of the very popular pig ornament. This ornament came in three different colors: blush, straw, and a color called “wheat fields”. It was super cute, and well received especially here SE North Carolina. It was sold single-ly also was sold in a set, aptly named, the “Three Little Pigs”.

Moving forward I plan to expand my ornament selection. Not sure exactly what that will involve but be on the lookout for new sea inspired and other types of ornaments.

set of whale ornaments I love North Caroina Ornaments Wool felt Red Sox Christmas Ornament
Three Little Pigs Ornament Set Four Diving Girls Narwhale Ornament Set