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How Ordering Custom Products Works

You begin the custom request process but filling out the form below, in which you describe the custom piece you have in mind. We can also exchange photos, sketches etc. If I feel your request is something I can do (most requests are) I will then create a sketch of what I have in mind for your custom piece. I will give you a quote. If you would like to move forward with the purchase I will a custom listing for you which includes all details of your order. Below you can see some sketches I created for customers with the final pieces side-by-side.

Once the order has been processed, I create a pattern and from that sketch which I use to cut the felt to be used in your piece.  The felt is then machine sewn to create your final product. 

Custom stockings include personalization in the form of a short name (approx. 3-6 letters) or an initial. Custom pieces generally take about 2-3 weeks to make and another week to ship. This estimate can vary depending on the number of orders I have ahead of you and whether or not custom colors need to be ordered for your piece. Christmas holiday season is my busiest time of year.

Cost for custom items varies depending on the complexity of design and the size of the piece. 

When you purchase a custom piece, you own the piece but Modern Craft Design Studio owns the pattern/design. 


Custom Options

Floral Stockings Custom Design

Custom Stocking Design

My most popular item here at Modern Craft Design Studio is likely the custom designed Christmas stocking. I sell singles and sometimes I design custom stockings for an entire family. I have had all kinds of requests from character stockings for kids, airplanes for pilots and even a Godzilla for a film director.

Over the years I have not had many requests that I couln’t accomodate. Please reach out if you have a custom stocking idea in mind.

To order your own custom stocking please fill out the “Custom Order Request Form” at the bottom of this page.


Custom Dog Stocking

In 2020 I started doing a few dog items. I began with a a series of popular dog themed ornaments called “Good Dog” ornament series. The series consisted of a Beagle, a Terrier and a Lab. These guys were big sellers for me and from there I decided to do custom dog ornaments…because who doesn’t want a ornament of their own pup on the tree? 

Once I posted photos of my custom dog ornaments I began receiving requests for custom dog stockings as well, which have also proven to be a customer favorite.

To order your own custom dog stocking please fill out the “Custom Order Request Form” at the bottom of this page.


Custom Dog Stocking
Custom Dog Ornaments

Custom Dog Ornament

Custom dog ornaments have really been a hit since they launched. They make a perfect gift since they are one of a kind and what are the chances someone already has one?

Gift one to your spouse, sister or BFF, everyone will love it!

To initiate a request for a custom dog ornament you need to fill out the form below and then I will ask you to send a few photos or a video.


Custom Pennant


Custom pennants come in two sizes, large and small. Small measure approximately 7×15 inches, and large measures 9×22 inches.  Names are popular, and custom college and high school sports pennants make great gifts.

To order your own custom pennant please fill out the “Custom Order Request Form” at the bottom of this page.


handmade diving girl stocking
Custom Name Pennant Small
Custom Sports Pennant

Examples of Custom Pieces

Custom Floral Stocking with Customer Sketch

Custom Floral Stocking

The customer sent the name and photos of flowers they wanted pictured on the stocking. I came up with a design and created a sketch. From these sketches I created a pattern which I use to cut the felt. Also pictured is a detail of one of the flowers.

Custom Football Stocking with Sketch

Custom Football Stocking

My customer gave me the jersey numbers she wanted as well team colors and I designed the rest. Upon approval of the sketch (shown above) the stocking pattern was made, felt was cut and stitched. The final piece can be seen on the right.

Custom Dog Stocking

Custom Dog Stocking

The Customer sent photos of their new family member (the pup!) who was in need of his own stocking. From photos, I came up with a sketch. Following customer approval the stocking was cut, and sewn. Final piece can be seen on the right.

Custom Dog Ornament

Custom Dog (St. Bernard) Ornament

Using customer photographs and video I created a sketch for the ornament. Once approved by the customer I created a pattern and cut and stitched the ornament.

Custom Dog Ornament #2

Custom Dog (Mixed Breed) Ornament

Photos of the dog were sent to me and a sketch was compiled. Upon approval from the owner I created a pattern and then the final ornament with blended merino wool felt.

Custom Terrier with Sketch

Custom Dog (Terrier) Ornament

To be given as a gift this custom dog ornament was also created from photos, then hand cut and sewn from blended merino wool felt.

To Submit a Custom Request Please Fill Out the Form Below

In describing your custom idea please indicate if you are looking for a custom stocking, ornament, pennant or camp flag. Sketches or photos of what you have in mind are very useful! (We can exchange these after initial contact). Please note if you need the item personalized with a name. Turn-around time and color preferences can be helpful too! Thank you, Jeanne