Ordering Custom Stockings from Modern Craft Design Studio

A pretty substantial amount of my sewing work comes in the form of custom stocking orders. I have done many a stocking for  newborn babies, a school emblem for an academy president, botanical themed stockings for flower lovers and even a Christmas Godzilla stocking, once for a young boy and once for a movie director– which is one of my favorites. There are all kinds of things people want to put on Christmas stockings and that’s what makes it fun for me.

A custom stocking is a stocking designed by me, based on your idea and with a color scheme chosen by you. Stockings will be made out of blended merino wool felt. Custom stockings will measures approximately 19in X 7-3/4in. Customers ordering custom stockings are asked to please reach out to me via the custom ordering page. Past requests have almost all been reasonable and doable but just to be sure I like to communicate with the customer before the sale is made.

Once it is established that we will move forward with the production of your stocking I will create a custom listing for you to purchase. I will then create a sketch(s) of what the final stocking will look like for your approval (see below). This sketch will be the basis for pattern I create and therefore will give you a very good idea of what the final stockings will look like. To get an idea of what the sketches are like in comparison to the final products please see images below created for customers who ordered custom stockings. These images were created based on photos and/or videos send by the customer.

All stockings are hand cut and machine stitched. Standard with grey, green, or red stocking (sock part). Other stocking colors available with early ordering. Many accent colors available. Ordering early is suggested. Reinforced hanging tab and hemmed top. Made in a pet free, smoke free studio. Care: Spot Clean. Store flat in sealed Plastic. I recommend placing a tea towel between the iron and the stocking if ironing is needed.

Feel free to message me with any questions you have about custom orders, also be sure to check out my Custom Ordering page.


Custom Dog Stocking Custom Floral Stocking with Customer Sketch