The “Good Dog” Christmas Ornament Series features 3 handmade, wool felt, dog ornaments: Beagle, Yellow Lab, and Terrier, as well as a custom dog ornament option.

beagle dog ornament yellow lab Christmas Tree ornament

Many of my designs focus on the sea and a “Coastal Christmas” theme. But, hey, not everyone lives at the beach and even if you do, who doesn’t love dogs? We’ll see how it goes but I have a hunch these dog ornaments will be pretty popular! I expect there will be a few more “standard” or popular breeds of dogs to join my series as time goes on so stay tuned! (The Yellow Lab ornament also comes in Black Lab and Chocolate Lab varieties.) And, don’t fret if your dog isn’t listed above, read on. The ornaments are made with blended wool felt and are hand-cut and machine stitched. Super cute addition to your own tree or to purchase as a gift for your favorite dog lover. Available in my shop in sets of three or as individual ornaments. Is your dog not a Lab, Terrier, or Beagle? Then the custom Dog ornament option might be for you. How’s it work? You send me photos or videos of your dog and I create an ornament that looks like them! How fun is that? Just to give you an idea of what to expect…below you will find actual sketches beside final ornaments I made for some of my customers. These designs are based on photos and videos sent to me by the owners.

Custom Dog Ornament

Does your pup need a Christmas stocking? We make several, one is a personalized Dog Bone stocking, it comes in red or grey with white bones and your pup’s name. We also have a custom stocking with a portrait of your dog and it’s name. I also happen to have a cute terrier stocking in stock if you should need one! See photos below. You can view them in the shop if you are interested: Dog Bone Stocking in Grey, Custom Dog Stocking.

Personalized with name, dog bone stocking Custom Dog Stocking Full Grey and White terrier on red stocking with falling snow

Feel free to contact me with any questions. Contact: To order dog ornaments visit the shop section of my website.